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About Us

A Little Bit About Us!

Founded: January 1, 1974


Our mission is to provide the citizens of Marion County and its visitors with the highest quality of compassionate, timely, consistent, and equitable patient-centered care available. We recognize that each patient has individual needs and we are dedicated to caring for those needs while maintaining a constant focus on improving their overall health and striving to produce the best possible outcome for the best value. ​

Our Values:

  • Respect:  We support the belief that all patients are different and deserve to be treated with dignity and the utmost compassion.
  • Integrity:  We promote an atmosphere of trust, honesty, sincerity, and professional work ethic, both in the care of our patients and internally.
  • Compassion: We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and comfort offered by healthcare providers. We will listen to others with sensitivity and without judgement while using tact and diplomacy to resolve any conflicts.
  • Professionalism: We strive to maintain the highest standard of excellence in Emergency Medical Services as seen through the eyes of our patients.  We will continually work towards both determining and meeting the needs of those we serve through front-line leadership, training, performance measures, community involvement, quality assurance, and progressive action in general. 

Area Served:

  • 545 square miles

Area Make-Up: 

  • Suburban, industrial, rural and agricultural

Population Served:

  • approx. 32,000

Governing Body: 

  • Elected Board of Directors (6)

Calls Per Year:

  • 6000 Emergency 
  • 800 Inter-facility Transfers

Type of Service: Emergency & Non-Emergency Ambulances

  • 3 - Advanced Life Support Ambulances (24 hr.)
  • 1 - Specialty Care Transport 
  • 3 - Advanced Life Support Ambulances (Off-Duty Transfers)

Specialty Response Vehicles and Equipment:

  • 1 - Utility Vehicle
  • 2 - Training / Education Trailers
  • 1  -Mobile Disaster/ Special Response Unit
  • 1- Rapid Response Vehicle


  • 3 Permanent Ambulance Bases
  • 1 Headquarters

EMS Dispatching: 

  • NECOMM 911 Northeast Missouri Emergency Communications